Mon 8/29: Schoolwide activities, to be decided.

Tues 8/30: Getting to Know You Day. On this day, you'll learn a bit about me, Roosevelt High School, and each other! Get ready to have some fun and get to know your teacher and classmates as we begin exploring what English class is all about. Also, you are going to be reminded that you need A NOTEBOOK AND A FOLDER specifically for English class and English class only. On Thursday we are setting up this notebook (your reading/writing notebook) SO YOU NEED TO HAVE A NOTEBOOK BY THURSDAY!!! We'll also do some goal setting for the quarter.

Wed 8/31: Syllabus and Pretest. On this day, we'll go over the expectations for the class and review the syllabus. You'll see a lot of similarities here between English class and your social studies class specifically, but also some important connections between all of your team classes. We will also take a pretest to determine where you're at in terms of reading and writing, which will help me make sure I'm meeting your needs as students.

Thurs 9/1: Setting Up Notebook. Get ready. Today is the big day! You'll be setting up your reading/writing notebook, which you will be using every single day for the rest of the year. That's right. EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR. So make sure you have a notebook by today!

Fri 9/2: Textbook Scavenger Hunt. Today you'll be taking a look at the WriteSource textbook, which is one of the most important texts that we'll be using a lot this year. This book will help your writing become more polished and sophisticated, which will help you not only on the MCA writing test that you'll be taking this year but also as competent w

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