9/15/10 Wed HE10 - Roosevelt 9th Grade Dream Team

9/15/10 Wed HE10


       Newspaper Journal
       Please take out a sheet of paper and begin working immediately on the following journal. LABEL IT “LETTER OF SUPPORT” AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE. Why is having a student newspaper and newspaper club important and good for Roosevelt High School? What are the benefits?
       Chapter 2 Quiz
       Go over answers to chapter one study guide
       To be done for tomorrow—manage your time!
                 •       Read chapter 3
       Allusion: makes a reference to a place, event, literary work, myth, or work of art
       Alliteration: repetition of a consonant sound in several words. Tongue twister
                    •       She sells seashells by the seashore.
       Metaphor: compares two unlike objects or ideas—doesn’t use Like or As
                   •       He is such a bear!
       Simile: compares two unlike objects or ideas using Like or As
                  •       He is like a bear.
       Rhetorical device: a use of language that creates a literary effect. All of the above are rhetorical devices.

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