The goal of the Arts Coordinator is to promote arts awareness in the building and to provide a channel for the school to interact with the community through an "arts" lens. If Arts for Academic Achievement continues to be involved at RHS, then I will also act as the school lead for that as well, since the roles go hand in hand. Due to funding, the future of AAA at Roosevelt is not known, which makes the role of Arts Coordinator even more important.

Below are some more specific goals for the Arts Coordinator role, as discussed in the meeting on Tuesday, August 9, of Michael Bradley and Rebecca Oberg:

-Increased community awareness of the arts at RHS. Currently, Roosevelt does not have the reputation as an "arts" school, and this needs to change. Through several initiatives, we will build a profile for RHS in the community that portrays us as a leader in promoting the arts within MPS.

-ArtPost Newsletter: This year we will bump the expectation for ArtPost newsletters from 2 to 3, with 4 being the real goal so that staff can know what is going on arts-related in classrooms each quarter. In the past, the newsletter was limited to staff as the audience, but this year students will have access as well. I think that as we continue to focus on IB, having staff and students be able to see the amazing arts-related activities happening at RHS more frequently will be encouraging and motivating. I would like to find a new printer, to facilitate a full-color newsletter instead of black and white, and I would like the newletter to feature more examples of student creative writing and work, as well as student/staff/community interviews. Students should also be more involved in this process, in the writing and creation of the newsletter. ArtPost, rather than being a completely separate publication, will become an "imprint" of The New Standard, Roosevelt's students newspaper, which will help to build the school newspaper and add to the "branding" of the paper in the school. Integrating ArtPost as a special edition of The New Standard worked well for the special Mosaic edition last year, so this will become the norm for all ArtPosts. This will mean more frequent publications which will really boost the image of the student newspaper in the school and community.

-Guest Speakers: I would like to be a facilitator of bringing in community experts in the arts to classrooms. I envision finding arts experts and connecting them with various classrooms.

-Arts Club: I'm not sure if this already exists (and I'd be happy to collaborate with the art teachers if they already do something similar), but I would like to facilitate an after-school art club for students to come in and work on creative arts. Their work could be featured in the school newspaper and/or in ArtPost. This could also be a great venue for bringing in mentors from the art community to work with the students, and it could be an interesting opportunity to facilitate service projects or projects that will beautify RHS (murals, statues in the front lawn, etc.). Technology projects would also be an option. Brainstorm local artists for this task. Wing Young Huie worked with the DigMe program in previous years so he may be willing to act in this role.

-Collaborate with other arts teachers in the building (Jackie Smolund, Anton Daisa, Thom Wells, new special ed. teacher with studio arts background, Jackie Avitabile for drama club).

-Mosaic Festival: I would continue to play a key role in the planning and execution of the Mosaic Festival. This year, one of my contributions was to create a special Mosaic promotional newspaper that was sent to over 21,000 households in our attendance area. That got a great response, so I see that as part of the duties of the Arts Coordinator for the future. With such a rise in the profile of the arts at Roosevelt, the focus of Mosaic will become more of an arts festival and less about food/shopping. Showcasing student work and performances, but upping the expectation for the quality. There should also be a focus on real world issues, student activism, etc.

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