-9th Grade Wed.- Continue reading Of Mice and Men

-9th Grade Thurs.- Finish Of Mice and Men, do 1 pager

-9th Grade Fri.- George and Lennie friendship journal and song analysis, introduce Of Mice and Men final project

-9th Grade Mon.- Start Of Mice and Men movie, work on film guide

If you are a 9th grade Honors student, make sure you are turning in your articles! 3 articles due by Friday.

-10th Grade Wed.- Continue reading Macbeth (Act I)

-10th Grade Thurs.- Continue reading Macbeth (Act II)

-10th Grade Friday- Continue reading Macbeth (Act III)

-10th Grade Monday- Continue reading Macbeth (Act IV)

If you are a 10th grader and missed any of these days, in order to make up journal and participation points, do a 1 pager on an Act of your choice from Macbeth.

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